Race & Education

Ok, so check this out. I have a problem with our education system: Specifically the one that’s being given to those in low-class families. I was on the bus today on my way to the library; and there was this girl in her 20’s who was being friendly with these 3 kids on the bus (probably a friend of the family or something). for the purposes of this conversation, let’s refer to them as the Warners. So, Dot (who seemed to be in the 1st or 2nd grade) had some math homework. she asked her 20 sage (because, we all know when we 6 & 7, we thought anyone that was 20 knew EVERYthing)

So the sage picks up the paper, and starts to answer the questions. there was one question that caught my eye:

“A box of markers contains 9 markers, how many boxes of markers will you need to give each of your 29 classmates a marker? ”

Ok, well it was something along those lines, but you get the jist of the question. Now go ahead and think about it… did you get the answer yet? Ok, cool.

so this young lady sat there, tried to use mental math, then tried to work it out on paper, THEN resorted to pulling out her phone to get the answer !!!

Now, i do NOT proclaim myself to be a mathmatician… I got 2 friends for that. I’m just saying i was able to think about it, and work it out pretty quickly. I had to stop the girl and just tell her “It’s 4”.

Naturally, she didn’t believe me. So I then proceeded to explain it to her, and then she thanked me for my help.

That encounter got me thinking…  what are they teaching kids in school today?

What do you guys think? Is America dumbing down the future?


7 Responses to Race & Education

  1. naynay says:

    I agree. I think it may have to do with the school system in general. My Siblings (8 and 10 years old) go to private school and they are better at math than the majority of people my age (20).

    The public school system these days teaches only the bare minimum …

    as they say.. you get what you pay for…. and public school is free :|.

  2. PHIne9 says:

    I do NOT agree that it’s the public school system, but how caring/responsible the teachers are at the school the students attend. I was fortunate enough to have teachers who actually wanted to teach and weren’t there for only their check. Like the old saying goes “they’re gonna get paid if you learn or not”

    As far as private schools go, most of them do not have certified teachers. Anyone with a high school diploma and half a brain could teach at your average private school. Private schools have no way of tracking student success. The average 3rd grader at private school reads two grade levels below the average 3rd graders at public school.

    This is just my opinion as a former education major.

  3. naynay says:

    In Montessori schools the ratio is about 4 to 1 students to teachers… these kids learn 2 grade levels ahead of their public school counter parts…. HOWEVER .. i do live in Canada and our education system over all is kind of different.

    However, I can understand where your comment is coming from though.

  4. Ada81 says:

    I think this should be called economics and education. This problem doesn’t care about race. Poor is poor and it leads to poor education. There is a real problem with education funding for schools since its based on the income of the families who live around the school. It needs to be changed for sure.

  5. dtownsend23 says:

    You’re right. the only reason I called it “Race & Education” was due to the fact the “Warner kids” were black as was the Sage. I also recall seeing a special on Oprah (I think everyone has seen an episode of Oprah at some point and time) about the racial divide in schooling… but it did also have to deal with Economics; so yeah, thanks Ada81

  6. AaShantye says:

    Let me comment from the perspective of an educator:
    As an educator I have to say that you cannot blame the school system because if a child wants to learn they will. However, that “want” has to be accompanied by the desire to learn and that comes from within the home. It’s easy to say it’s the school system because it gives us something to blame other than ourselves. Who is to blame when that child sits in the classroom and acts up? Let’s take it a little further…How many times can a teacher go to a parent only to be cussed out? That’s not the school system’s fault.
    It would be great if we could all send our children to private school, but then again, if every child went to a private school then it would become the object of blame.
    Don’t fault the school system because that 20 year old could not divide 9 into 29 to get the answer. Ask yourself what the hell was she doing in high school. Did she sit in the classroom and pay attention or was she too worried about what the other person was wearing? Did she do her homework at night or did she sit on the phone or watch TV? Then once you have answered those questions, ask yourself this: Who had the authority to walk into her room and cut the TV off? Who had the authority to take the phone out of the room? Damn sure isn’t the public school system.

  7. naynay says:

    well put… i agree entirely

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