Race & Video Games

Here’s something I’ve noticed: when i used to work @ EB Games/GameStop, the Average African American Male only came in for about 3 games: Madden, NBA Live (or NBA 2kx), and Grand Theft Auto

I’ve always wondered what the deal with that is… I’m black, I play video games… a lot of video games, I understand and realize there is more to the world of games than football, basketball, and Car Jacking.

You’ve got Platforming games, you’ve got fighting games, you’ve got Role-Playing games, you’ve got Hybrids which tend to mix genres… Let’s not forget your dancing games, racing games, Music games like Guitar Band Hero comes to mind, yes, I know i mixed the 2 games together, but honestly, with the next versions of these two games on the way, there’s not much a difference between the 2 games.

Is it a time thing? No, i don’t believe so, i know dudes that put in TIME on Madden Dynasties… or Money… but that’s another issue

Maybe because it’s “cool” to play sports games… I’ve never heard a rapper talk about playing Final Fantasy X in their free time… it’s usually a sports game or Grand Theft Auto…

What do you people think? is there something to my madness? or am I just being racially sensitive?

Next time, I will be discussing women and games; stay tuned 🙂


7 Responses to Race & Video Games

  1. God says:

    God here, Dtownsend. Let me give you my input on things, seeing as i know all.
    This is all a result of Marketing. See, as an African American male, and part of a subculture of America, you must understand that you are targeted. Every subculture is targeted either based on stereotypes, sample populations, or surveys. Now, depending where they get this automatically skewed information from can depend on the target type in the market. See, Black people in America are straying towards those games because those games are marketed to the black subculture. NBA live is one of the few games using rap songs (a key staple to the stereotype of the subculture), same with madden, and grand theft auto. Also, to look a little deeper, these are also the only games that are primarily characterized by black people. You go buy Metal Gear Solid, your a white guy. Gears of war: white; Zelda: white; 90-95% of all main characters in video games are either fictional beings, or white, and even as fictional beings, they’re still usually white. So, in these games, almost all characters are black, except for grand theft auto, which even they used a black main character in one of they’re previous installments. The commercials for these games even show black people on them. Watch the majority of commercials for madden, or NBA live, which both have their commercials led by black stars.
    See, like white women to Tiffany’s, black people are being directly, and if i might add, effectively targeted by the gaming community towards these games. now here’s the real question. Is it the gaming worlds fault for targeting the subculture this way thus leading to this dynamic flux in the populace playing these games, or is it the fault of the subculture for actually falling into the stereotypes people are setting for them?

    This was God, and i hope i enlightened some things for my followers.

    “…and it was good.”

  2. George W. Bush says:

    Kanye was right… i hate black people.

  3. Ada81 says:

    Well, here is something I never thought I would say online, I think God is right. Video games are made and marketed for a very select portion of the population. While it is true that there are gamers who play great games regardless of the title or genre, the majority of people excel at a small number of games or at a particular genre and are afraid of moving out from there. I think the advent of more online game play will only hurt the idea of trying something new. Playing online makes it very possible for a ton of people to know when you suck at a game, which used to be much easier to hide, you used to have to invite friends over to play so only they knew you sucked.

  4. MellownMighty says:

    Um, when are we getting the commentary on female gamers, or did I miss it?

    • dtownsend23 says:

      lol, you didn’t miss it. I think i’ve decided to save it for March, which I believe is “Women’s Month” or something like that

      Or it’ll come out in January, i need to do some field research.

  5. MellownMighty says:

    Ok, good. Because if you don’t research and then us female gamers see a post with the words “Barbie”, “Princess”, or “Disney” and it’s nowhere near a respectable game, we will have a problem.

    *points finger* I know where you live and I will come armed with pink weave, an orange party dress, and lime green shoes and get you.

  6. dtownsend23 says:

    LOL !!!

    I promise, I will do my best to provide accuracy in this forthcoming report.

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