Ncaa Football 09 Dynasty

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for an IMPORTANT bulletin;

A very good friend of mine (Anime Sistuh) has been having some internal biological problems, and things were looking very grim, but she got the phone call today, and everything is OK; she will be able to have lil’ Anime-dressed babies soon enough; you’re in my prayers… Vote for me for Godfather !!!

And now, back to the blog…

So, me, Ada81, and Ja51(I am using abbreviated versions of their Online IDs, but they are VERY real friends of mine) all decided to do an Online Dynasty for Ncaa Football 09. In a nutshell, An online Dynasty is as many as up to 12 people who decide be the “Head Coach” for different schools. This is all for personal supremacy and bragging rights among your friends.

Unfortunately, i don’t know 11 other people who have a PS3 AND NCAA Football 09, so I’m doing it with 3 people. I Picked Cal, Ada81 picked USF, and Ja51 was given Eastern Carolina. I say given because he wanted either them or Florida State Univ., and we have a “strict” No FSU rule: since all 3 of us are fans of the school, I figured it would be best if NONE of us got the school, besides, I wouldn’t want the task of taking down my own school !!!

We also decided that for the 1st “Year” of this Dynasty, we won’t schedule any games against each other, consider it an experiment to see how far each team can get with their default schedule, and not dealing with any other human players yet. Not to worry, I will be dominating soon enough :).

Moving on, right now we’re waiting on ECU to get selected and ready to go. We’ve decided we’re gonna have a Sunday Deadline; that means you need to play your scheduled game for that week, speak to your recruits and get ready for the next team all in a week; just like a real football team. Unfortunately, ECU hasn’t quite accepted their invite to play in our league, so we are waiting on them to get a move on…

If you want in on our little Dynasty and you are a PS3 owner… drop me a line with your PSN name (NOT your password, OR your email, just your PSN ID) and the team you want to play with (you can’t be FSU, USF, Cal, or Eastern Carolina) and you’re in !!!


2 Responses to Ncaa Football 09 Dynasty

  1. Ada81 says:

    Well first off sir, you will not be the one dominating. I’ll be taking USF right to the top!! Just wait and see what I do to Kansas in our week 3 match-up. I think you underestimate the Pac-10 my friend, you have to deal with USC, Oregon, and Arizona State, not an easy task sir. Hopefully we can get a couple more people in before our Sunday deadline, maybe we can get someone for every BCS conference? I think that would be cool, all we would need is ACC, Big-10, Big-12, and SEC. I think that’s it, but I’m sure you’ll let me know if there are more.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    As far as the big conferences go, yeah, that’s all we got, naturally someone’s gotta be Notre Dame so we can make fun of them
    *(shout out to Charlie Weis for saying to hell with Michigan

    But yeah, i don’t know a lot of people with the PS3, it might have something to do with the price of the console… but that’s just me.

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