So a friend of mine liked my blog so much (or was too lazy to make her own… whichever 😉 ) asked to be a contributor to my blog… so I said yes. which then got me to thinking… if any of my other friends want to jump on and be a contributor, send me a message, and I’ll see what i can do :).

So, I’m at work right now, and I’m listening to Diddy’s (Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or whatever else you refer to him as) “I’ll be missing you”. So right when Faith kicks in with the sample of the Gospel hymn, i want to hum along, but then i remembered… my new Job is REALLY quiet because no one is really allowed to listen to music outside of headphones.  It’s just then i realized how much I really like listening to music. I enjoy sharing my music with people, I want to show people there is more to Rap music that Soulja Boy, Yung Berg, and company (not that there is anything wrong with them… it’s just that there is MUCH more)

But, i can’t… i must continue to Jam to my headphones… *sigh* on to the Boondocks Soundtrack (Go listen to it !!!)


One Response to Contributors

  1. Jo83 says:

    A job where you can listen to your own music has to be the f’n bomb!!! I’m glad there are still sane people out there who agree that there is more music out there to listen to…really good music too. I’m just happy the older kats in the game have decided to come back out with albums…about damn time!!! I’m listening to coldplay right now…….that was when i ruled the world…my jam!!!!!!!!!

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