Intro Post Remix

DJ, bring that beat back

*DJ rewinds the track*

Oh you thought I was finished ? Man, I’m just getting started.

OK, so it’s been brought to my first attention that my first blog post wasn’t all that great. As a matter of fact, it was called downright “boring”.

Well, I’m not going to settle for that; time to wake up, and try this again.

Ladies and Gentleman… allow me to Reintroduce myself !!!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY till the age of 17, then by an evil system known as Democracy, I was exported to North port,Fl ; Where is that you may ask? well it’s South of Sarasota, which is South of Tampa.

I’m the oldest of nine (yes, you read that right, 9) children. My parents are Jamaican and worked hard to give us the best they could, when they could.

I currently work at 2 places: the first place is a Seminoles clothing/memorabilia store called Garnet and Gold. A good deal of the co-workers have become close friends of mine, and I plan on referring to them often under the title “G&G worker #   ”  to protect their privacy.

Just because I want to put my business out on the Internet, does not mean THEIR business (verbatim without protective measures) has to be out on the Internet also.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the blog!!!


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